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The public comment period has closed for the Draft City of San Marcos Active Transportation Plan as of Friday, December 8. 


The City of San Marcos is developing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) that will supplement the General Plan Update, by recommending specific pedestrian and bicycle-related projects, programs, and policies for the City.

The San Marcos ATP will include a Safe Routes to School element and will focus on pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and safety near schools. The City is coordinating with the San Marcos Unified School District for this element of the plan.  

Identifying high-stress environments for active transportation users, as well as key destinations in the surrounding areas, will allow the ATP project team to create a plan that values safe, connected, reliable active transportation for nearby residents and businesses in the area.

As part of the ATP development, the City of San Marcos plans to:

•    Survey local communities to identify potential improvement projects
•    Request feedback for the prioritization of transportation projects
•    Host community events where residents can connect with the project team and provide input



An Active Transportation Plan is a document that provides a comprehensive set of projects, programs, and policies to improve walking and biking conditions. The recommendations are developed based on input from community members and key stakeholders to address existing deficiencies in the pedestrian and bicycle network. ATPs aim to enhance accessibility, safety, and connectivity across neighborhoods.

Check out the Past Events tab to see previous community outreach efforts related to this project!

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